David Cassidy from “The Partridge Family” reports that he now has Dementia. Cassidy starred in the hit musical sitcom, “The Partridge Family” with his stepmother, Shirley Jones. According to reports, Cassidy started noticing things were wrong when he was performing at a concert near Los Angeles and his speech started slurring and he even started forgetting some of the lyrics. Because of this, he plans to stop touring and concentrate on himself. He is now 66-years-old and wants to concentrate on his health and his own happiness.

Dementia runs in David Cassidy’s family

Reports state that his grandfather struggled with the brain disease and Cassidy watched his mother ‘disappear’ from it too. He said not too long ago that the idea of getting dementia was haunting him for a long time and now it is here. According to his representative, Jo-Ann Geffen, the actor and musician has been officially diagnosed with the disease.

Cassidy said he is going to retire from touring at the end of 2017. He said he wants to concentrate on his life and his own happiness. He says he was in denial but now cannot run from it anymore. Cassidy says it is more important to concentrate on living life and loving and being happy.

David Cassidy’s acting has run through his blood with his father, Jack Cassidy, being a famous actor in the past

His father was also bipolar and struggled with a drinking problem throughout his life and career. He died in 1976 in a fire when he fell asleep with a lit cigarette. His mother, Evelyn Ward, also an actress, died in 2012.

Cassidy starred in “The Partridge Family” with his stepmother, Shirley Jones.

Cassidy followed in his father’s footsteps when it came to alcoholism. He struggled with substance abuse for many years and has even had a few DUIs. In fact, his latest arrest, after several earlier ones, was in 2015 when he was arrested and charged with a hit and run car crash due to him sideswiping another vehicle and leaving the scene.

David Cassidy posted a message on February 7 stating that he will be forever grateful for the love and support he has received from everyone. Although he still loves to perform, he has to be happy right now. However, he says he will not disappear forever, although he is retiring at the end of the year to focus more on his private life.