The presenter of Good Morning Britain, Piers Morgan, has quit hosting the Royal Television Society (RTS) awards. He was pulled out to host the show after a campaign of criticizing him was launched. Piers Morgan is the host of Good Morning Britain which is telecasted on ITV. He said he did not want to create any distraction for the award winners due to the nuisance created by the campaign and hence he quit from the position.

On last Thursday, the Royal Television Society had announced Mr. Morgan as the presenter of RTS awards programme. Soon afterwards, a petition which had attracted around 200 signatures was filed stating that Mr.

Morgan would be unacceptable as the host of RTS awards. But the name of that campaign is not yet clear.

Piers Morgan faces a lot of criticism on Twitter

The judge of awards, Ms. Bonnie Greer, was one of the people criticizing Morgan for hosting the award show. In her tweets, Ms. Greer who is a well-known novelist, playwright and critic said that she felt honored to judge the awards but would not like to attend dinner just because of Mr. Morgan. Having said this, she cited that Mr. Morgan defended the President of the United States who had stated TV news organizations to be enemies of the people of America. Also, Mr. Morgan’s criticism of women’s marches was quite unpopular. Due to his such comments, actor Ewan MacGregor had cancelled an interview on his TV show Good Morning Britain.

Other than this, Emma Lindley who is the director of “My Parents Are Aliens”, telecasted on ITV, does not want Mr. Morgan to represent her or any of the members of RTS. She tweeted this on 18th Feb 2017. However, Mr. Morgan’s co-presenter for the show Good Morning Britain supported him. He considered it to be a real shame for criticizing Mr.

Morgan who is a great presenter. In his tweet, he favored Mr. Morgan on this issue.

Mr. Morgan had charged no fee for hosting awards

Mr. Morgan who is also a former newspaper editor said that he had decided to host the RTS awards at no cost with the sole purpose of fun but a campaign was launched against him to remove him for hosting the same.

He said this by posting his statements on his Face book page. He further said that the campaign criticized his creative talents stating him not to be understanding about the social campaign that values diversity of voice and quality. He said it was the campaign that actually did not tolerate his diverse voice. Having said this, Mr Morgan wished all the best to the nominees and said he just quit because he did not want the silly noise of that social campaign to cause any distractions in the awards that are solely meant for celebrating the hard work and skills of the award winners. Thus, for this reason, he withdrew from hosting the RTS awards.

The social campaign criticizing Mr. Morgan claimed that his involvement in the awards programme would be damaging as well as inappropriate.

However, according to the Chief Executive of RTS Theresa Wise, he had a good reputation in the industry because of his wealth of experience and opinionated nature which make Mr. Morgan the perfect host for the awards.