No matter how many times people have seen "The Lion King," they still look forward to seeing it again. It was recently announced that Disney is developing a live action of "The Lion King." Jon Favreau is the director, and he will give the remake animation styles similar to his 2016 film, "The Jungle Book." The remake of the 1994 classic will have the voice of Donald Glover as young Simba and the voice of James Earl Jones as Mufasa, his father.

The story of "The Lion King" remains the same. A young lion named Simba is to follow in his father's footsteps to become king of the Pride Lands after his father, Mufasa is murdered by Simba's uncle, Scar.

Simba flees and lives in exile because he has been made to think he is responsible for his father's death. Later Simba returns to challenge his uncle, Scar, and eventually take his rightful place as king in the Circle of Life.

Glover and Jones

The "Atlanta star" Donald Glover is excited and is looking forward to lending his voice as Simba. The 33-year-old actor, comedian, and rapper will make a great Simba. James Earl Jones is also glad to portray Mufasa in the make over. Jones was in the 1994 animated original.

"The Lion King" in its animated format was released in 1994. The movie has a record of being one of the highest-grossing animated films of all time.

Global box office total was $968.8 million. The animated version won two Academy Awards and two Grammys. Over 14 million copies of the soundtrack have been sold. October will mark 20 consecutive years of Broadway productions, which is the longest time for a musical in Broadway history. It has won six Tony Awards.

As of now, no release date has been confirmed for the animated film, but it is expected to be in September.

Fans are satisfied knowing that the animated film is forthcoming. Knowing that Donald Glover and James Earl Jones are lending their voices is enough to keep people happy.

People are already commenting on social media that they are looking forward to the animated version of "The Lion King" even though they have seen the musical and know the story. To hear the distinguished voice of 86-year-old James Earl Jones as Mufasa is surely worth the wait.