Too much is happening to the Duggar patriarchy. The eldest children are either courting, married, or pregnant. As the expansive family multiplies, fans have trouble counting (and keeping up). While Josh Duggar and Anna Keller may divorce, other romances are just beginning. Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth dive deeper into their relationship. Derick and Jill Dillard are expecting their second son. Ben and Jessa Seewald are pregnant with their second child, too. Newlyweds Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo just moved to Laredo, Texas. However, not everybody is happy about it.

True love's kiss

In an earlier episode, cameras captured Jinger Vuolo's anxieties. She was about to marry her man, but she was unsure of the technicalities. "Jinger seems to be a little overwhelmed by the process when a pal unexpectedly asks her if she has plans for her first kiss. That's when her older sister Jill, 25, chimed in by saying: 'Either he initiates or you initiate,'" Daily Mail reports. Jill Dillard read her vows in 2014. With almost three years of experience, she gave her unsolicited expertise. Jinger Vuolo was fine, though. The world saw she and her husband's moment, and it was sweet. Everybody was either all smiles or in tears. Nobody was upset. Well, most people weren't upset.

Jessa Seewald's jealousy

After their nuptials, Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo spent their honeymoon in Australia. After a whirlwind relationship, they needed time to unwind. When they flew back to the United States, they were faced with reality. Jessa Seewald was upset. Her closest sibling and best friend was leaving Arkansas. She wouldn't be present for the birth, and it broke Jessa Seewald's heart.

"Jessa...shared her mixed emotions over the wedding as Jinger will be moving to Texas shortly thereafter. 'I'm really, really excited for her, but I'm also sad...It's like this is happening, Jeremy is stealing her,'" Daily Mail relays. Even though Jinger Vuolo lives in a different state, she'll always be by Jessa Seewald's side -- in spirit.