In the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history, the New England Patriots defeated the Atlanta Falcons to become champions once again. Within minutes, President Donald Trump was quick to offer his thoughts on social media.

Trump on the Patriots

At halftime on Sunday night, the Atlanta Falcons walked into the locker room with a 28-3 lead, as the New England Patriots struggled to gain any momentum. After a performance by Lady Gaga, the teams came back on the field, and appeared to switch rolls. Scoring 25 unanswered points, Tom Brady drove his team to a tie score at the end of regulation.

Heading into the first overtime in Super Bowl history, Brady and his boys from Boston marched down the field with ease on the first drive, and with the Falcons demoralized, put the game away with a touchdown. Moments later, Donald Trump tweeted his praise for Brady, coach Bill Belichick, and Patriots owner Robert Kraft, as seen on February 5.

"What an amazing comeback and win by the Patriots," Donald Trump wrote on Twitter late Sunday night, before adding, "Tom Brady, Bob Kraft and Coach B are total winners. Wow!" In the days leading up to the big game, politics made its way into the event as it was well known that the former host of "The Apprentice" is close friends with both Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, as well as team owner Robert Kraft.

Donald Trump was not at the game, however, but was watching from his so-called "Winter White House," otherwise known as his Mar-O-Largo resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

According to reports, Trump actually left his own Super Bowl party early after the Patriots fell behind during the first half. Despite the early exit, the new commander in chief is celebrating in the Sunshine State after a victory by his good friends.

No half time drama

The other story leading up to the Super Bowl was whether or not Lady Gaga would make her musical performance political.

An outspoken liberal activist, many Trump supporters and right-wing Americans expressed outrage over what they thought would be Lady Gaga promoting a left-leaning message. Their worries were over nothing, as the hit singer avoided a political message and gave a performance that was universally praised.