All pirates on deck. Pirate Jack Sparrow sailed onto Super Bowl LI screens in a new Pirates of the Caribbean commercial. The never before seen footage queued during the sports battle between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots in the race to become Super Bowl victor. Walt Disney Studios premiered a teaser in preparation for an early summer theatrical release in January. The new commercial serves up a darker tale of pirate lust and skullduggery with the return of the franchise’s characters Barbossa and Will Turner, and a muddy “Jack”.

Super Bowl 'Pirates of the Caribbean' Jack

The Mouse House presented Captain Jack in its fourth installment, “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” with Jack in pursuit of the iconic Fountain of Youth. This year it has been debuting trailer teasers that featured a story without a single glimpse of Sparrow. The latest Mouse House “Pirates” 2017 super bowl commercial leaves little to the imagination about the return of Jack, but it has also created a new stream of questions about the pirate’s fate across social media.

Pirate Jack Sails on Target Date Memorial Day

The eerie Pirate Salazar appears alongside Barbossa in the Super Bowl commercial with a new ghost animal instead of the monkey that plagued Jack in the tent pole’s first three episodes.

He reemerges in the extended teaser with a grittier gift for understatement and a bigger mystery of why he is covered in mud.

A gypsy-like character is featured in the commercial and she forewarns that more evil will return to the Seven Seas. Her foretelling raises new questions about which of the pirates will emerge the victor to become ruler over them all.

The motion picture tattooed a premiere date of Memorial Day in the commercial’s trailer credits after months of speculation. The commercial teaser reveals the fifth movie installment will screen in IMAX and in RealD 3D in selected trailers.

'Dead Men No Tales' Super Bowl LI Commercial

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