"The Bachelor's" Corinne asked to be booted off the show after her Hometown date with Nick Viall. How did she manage that? If you watch episode 8, it makes perfect sense.

'Villain' contestant leads her way into an elimination

A sneak peek of "The Bachelor" 2017 hometown date with Corinne and Nick is eye-opening. Corinne has gone a lot further than many fans would have liked to see. She's finally let go after the February 20 episode. Perhaps she didn't think it was possible for Nick to reject her after all this time and that nothing she'd do would prompt him to change his mind about keeping her around.

In spite of her abilities to convince Nick that she's worth holding onto, she may have sealed her fate in being eliminated after a shopping spree -- in addition to having her "nanny," Raquel enter the picture. In the episode, Corinne spends over $3,000 on clothes as if it's a daily activity. To her, it's an "ordinary" activity given the fact all of the retail associates know her on a first-name basis. Nick seemed excited about the prospect of shopping with the Miami-based contestant who's bragged about having a multi-million dollar company (actually it's her father's business she works at). He even seems pumped about the fact the retail workers know Corinne so well, but that changes when he realizes exactly why that is!

Corinne picks out a pair of pants for $800 and a pull-over for $650 for Nick. According to Hollywood Life, Nick turns "red with anxiety" when he hears the total for their shopping binge is $3,423.

Is reality staring Nick in the face or did Corinne mess her chances up for good this time?

Was it the shopping experience that ultimately changed Nick's mind about Corinne or the reality that he's having to get serious about which three women to hold onto as Fantasy Suite dates emerge?

Only a few episodes of the show remain until Nick picks his fiancee. Corinne may have unwittingly asked to be booted off the show with her over-the-top lifestyle. Nick joked that he had to get a few more jobs in order to afford the controversial contestant as his future wife. Meeting her nanny may have put some perspective on the situation as well.

What do you think of Corinne's elimination on "The Bachelor" 2017?