"The Bachelor" season 21 contestants who'll be competing for the lead this year total 30 women. By all accounts, Nick Viall will have quite a diverse group of ladies to choose from. Who's on the show to find real love with him? It's safe to assume several within the cast are hoping to find their soulmate in Nick, but there are always those few who have other reasons for being on the show.

Either way, all 30 season 21 contestants are listed. No spoilers will be released in this article, but one huge rumor out is that one of the African-American contestants goes further in Nick's season than any other time within the show's long history.

Nick Viall's ladies

There are several women in the cast that share the same first name. They are Danielle L., Danielle M., Elizabeth W., Elizabeth S., Jasmine B., and Jasmine G. One is definitely named as the villain of "The Bachelor" season 21, and that contestant is Corinne. One of Nick Viall's ladies arrives in episode 1 wearing a shark costume, but she swears it's a dolphin outfit. Alexis is the woman who's brave enough to show up and make quite a splash in her daring costume.

Some of the older women are between 28 and 31 years of age. Those "Bachelor" contestants are Rachel, Jaimi, Briana, Lauren, and Vanessa. A lot of other women make the season 21 cast list. They consist of Angela, Astrid, Brittany, Christen, Dominique, Hailey, Ida Marie, Josephine, Kristina, Lacey, Michelle, Olivia, Raven, Sarah, Susannah, Taylor, and Whitney.

That sums up "The Bachelor" season 21 list of contestants. Several of the meet-and-greets will be quite memorable, according to reports. According to Reality Steve, a lot of drama is set to unfold in episode 1. The scene in which Nick breaks it to Alexis that she's actually in a shark costume is comedic relief from all of the tension among the women who are competing to spend alone time with him.

Tune in to see Nick Viall and the 30 contestants when "The Bachelor" season 21 premieres Monday, January 2 on ABC at 8 p.m., ET/PT.