“Non-Transferable” is a romantic comedy starring actor Brendan Bradley who is planning to throw a huge launch party event on February 13, 2017. The movie was scheduled to be released to coincide with Valentine’s Day, and it was both written and directed by Brendan Bradley, an actor who is best known as “The Staples Guy” due to his appearances on television ads for the chain. To get viewers extra involved, Brendan plans to live-stream the red-carpet event as the cast counts down to the premiere. Moreover, a service known as “Thunderclap” will be posting approved messages to participant’s social media pages to coordinate posts and hashtags.

Anyone who is interested can sign up with the Thunderclap website.


“Non-Transferable” was filmed mostly in Turkey, and it centers on a woman named Amy who was planning on surprising her boyfriend with a vacation. When he suddenly breaks up with her, she is stuck with two non-refundable tickets to Istanbul and decides to auction the second ticket off. A man named Joshua secures the spare ticket, and together these two American tourists embark on many adventures in a foreign land and fall in love in the process.

Brendan completed the script five years ago, and he was pleasantly surprised when a similar story occurred in Canada recently. “A guy named Jordan Axani gave away his ex-girlfriend’s vacation tickets through social media and met his current girlfriend that way,” Brendan explained.

“The story captured a lot of media attention, but it didn’t inspire my movie, I’d had it written years literally before that incident happened.”


Brendan noted that he enjoyed filming in Turkey; a sentiment that his cast members mimicked. “It was incredible to film in Turkey,” actress Ashley Clements stated. “It was exhausting because from day one we were traveling and shooting in new places with a ten-hour time change and jet lag but it was also exhilarating.

I love to travel, and to visit such beautiful new places with such incredible history and culture while doing the thing I love most in the world was an absolute dream come true.” Fellow actress Shanna Malcolm appreciated how open Brendan was to considering the thoughts of his co-stars. "I had some ideas for my character that he actually called into play,”

Shanna explained.

“I’ve never had anybody do that for me before.” The cast also noted that the Turkish people were very hospitable. One day while the crew was shooting a street scene, a man stopped his home renovations to cease making noise. Later, he served the entire crew Turkish tea! “It’s the local people that made it special with unyielding hospitality generosity and enthusiasm to showcase their country and culture,” Brendan Bradley exclaimed. “I think the inherently collaborative nature of film allows a rare type of artistic diplomacy to grow from working on an international storytelling together.”


Brendan is hopeful that this film will help to revive the popularity of romantic comedies, a genre that has been on the decline since the 1990s.

“A lot of so-called romantic comedies can come across as quite mean-spirited nowadays,” Brendan said. “I wanted my film to be really sweet and kind-hearted, and I think we achieved that which will appeal to audiences.”

Moreover, Brendan is scheduled to appear in “Doubt” on CBS and a movie titled “In Vino” with Ed Asner. He has also spoken to potential partners in Fiji, Panama and Abu Dhabi who are interested in his unique movie-making model and the process of organically integrating brands and destinations into original storytelling. “I also have a few projects that look optimistic for the spring,” Brendan admitted, “but right now the premiere party for my movie is foremost in my mind. I hope lots of people will tune into our red carpet live stream via our Facebook page and enjoy the show.”