Joanna Krupa is demanding Brandi Glanville hand over her financial documents following news that she's been required to turn over her gynecological records. As Krupa's defamation lawsuit against the former "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star continues, she wants to know how much Glanville has so that she can make a decision regarding how much punitive damages she'll be seeking.

In late 2013, following a three-season run of "The Real Housewives of Miami," Glanville appeared on Andy Cohen's late night series, "Watch What Happens Live," where she suggested Krupa's lady parts were "smelly" -- and claimed Krupa had been sleeping with Mohamed Hadid during the last couple of years of his marriage to Yolanda Foster.

According to Glanville, she learned the news of Krupa and Hadid's alleged affair from Hadid and Lisa Vanderpump, her former co-star and friend. However, both parties have denied telling Glanville any such thing.

Joanna Krupa claims her reputation and career have been negatively impacted

After filing her lawsuit against Glanville for her claims, which she's suggested have tarnished her reputation and gotten in the way of her career, a judge gave Joanna Krupa the green light to seek punitive damages from her fellow reality star. That said, Krupa must first determine Glanville's net worth. Later, a judge will be able to decide how much financial punishment Glanville could potentially receive. In her court documents, Krupa is requesting Glanville's balance sheets, bank accounts and tax returns, as well as any gifts worth more than $1,000.

Joanna Krupa has to prove she doesn't stink in court?

In what has turned out to be quite an odd case, Krupa will soon be forced to hand over her medical records, which may prove whether or not her private region is "smelly" as Glanville has alleged. According to TMZ, Krupa will be turning in her 2000 to 2005 records to the judge on the case, as well as any communication she's had with Vanderpump, Hadid, and Cohen that relates to her suit.