Marie Claire columnist Callie Thorpe showed some chutzpah sharing her cellulite and chunky thighs in honeymoon photos on Instagram. At least that's what Internet trolls thought, and told the style blogger so, in very fat-shaming terms. The London-based writer was vacationing in Mexico and posted happily-in-love pics. The body size militia took it upon themselves to dress her down for daring to bare her plus-sized self. Thorpe's response eloquently expresses what's wrong with body-shaming obesity.

You can be obese and happy

Callie Thorpe, 28, and her new hubby are very much in love and were happy to share their joy with social media friends.

On their honeymoon in Tulum, Mexico, they did the usual beach-y things people do: kayaking, cycling, swimming, beach-combing. While on the beach they wore bathing suits despite the fact that Callie is overweight. It was difficult for Thorpe to share pictures on Instagram because she struggles with body confidence. Still, she wanted to show that obesity and not having the Hollywood celebrity body doesn't stop her from enjoying life and outdoor sports.

The body police never sleep

Most all the comments on Callie Thorpe's photos were very positive. Twitter and Facebook friends enjoyed seeing the happy couple. But a few comments were hateful, even vitriolic. Thorpe was called a "whale" and told she had to grease up to get into her wedding dress.

Weight loss remedies were facetiously suggested. The fashion writer wasn't bothered at first and then those old body image issues came back. She wondered why some people have to be such killjoys.

Fat-shaming or joy-shaming?

Therein lies the rub. It's just possible that the trolls weren't body shaming Thorpe as much as hating her for daring to be happy.

The fact that she is slightly avoirdupois was just the chink they needed. Haters will use anything one is sensitive about to get their digs in. Callie Thorpe observed that putting photos on social media supposedly gives permission to criticize. Selena Gomez, Iggy Azalea, Amber Rose and other celebrities have dealt with fat-shaming.

But body size, skin color, clothing -- it's all fodder to a bully. Bullies bully because they are insecure about themselves. That Thorpe was so obviously happy, cellulite and all, is something haters could not bear.