The 2017 Golden Globes will go down as one of the most politically driven award shows in recent history. After award-winning actress Meryl Streep delivered a passionate speech against the upcoming presidency of Donald Trump, conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren was triggered on Twitter

Tomi on Twitter

The Golden Globes kicked off with host Jimmy Fallon making a few lighthearted jabs at Donald Trump, which was expected from most. During the award show, some of the winners took their turn at roasting the president-elect, including actor Hugh Laurie who won for his performance in "The Night Manager." However, the moment that quickly had everyone talking was when Meryl Streep gave a five-minute long speech that took apart Trump and his election, and did so without even mentioning his name.

In response, right-wing social media star Tomi Lahren quickly went off on her Twitter account on January 8.

"Meryl bout to get some 'final thoughts' tomorrow," Tomi Lahren wrote on Twitter, before adding "These entitled Hollywood crybabies still don't understand how out of touch they are!" "It might be warm in LA, but make no mistake it's raining snowflakes.

Out of touch, whiny, overpaid SNOWFLAKES!" Lahren continued.

"These Hollywood elites wouldn't know average, every day hard-working Americans if we bit them in the ass," Tomi Lahren wrote in her third tweet on the matter at hand.

In her fourth message on Twitter, she added, "Hey Meryl, your #liberalprivilege is showing."

Lahren continues

"Oh no!!

What will @realDonaldTrump do without the support of the liberal Hollywood elite?!" Tomi Lahren wrote in her fifth message, before stating, "Oh I know, he will Make America Great Again." "Oh and Meryl, we are just fine with watching football. Thanks.," she tweeted in yet another attack on Meryl Streep and the Golden Globes. Not stopping there, Lahren continued her Twitter firestorm against Streep.

"You're right about 1 thing Meryl, violence does incite violence kinda like the violence the DNC paid for at Trump rallies.

Kinda like that," Tomi Lahren noted. In her eight, and final message on Twitter, Lahren hit Meryl Streep once again. "Safeguard the truth Meryl? Like the truth in those 33k deleted emails? Or are we talking about Hillary's lies? Not sure, Meryl," she concluded. As of press time, Donald Trump has yet to comment on Streep's speech, or the Golden Globes show.