Lily Chee is an Actress and Model who is famed for her role of Young Elektra in Marvel's “Daredevil” television series. Lily can also be seen modeling clothing for various catalogues and magazines including Posh Kids, Nike, Maddie Style and La Petite. Most recently, Lily has been working on a film called “Sunset Park” which focuses on the life of a young boxer growing up in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Lily is cast in the role of his love interest and, as an added bonus, she actually lives in Sunset Park which makes this movie particularly special.

The film is due to be released later this year. Lily recently talked about her dual career as both a model and an actress.


Blasting News (BN): What prompted you to get into your career?

Lily Chee (LC): I started modeling first, and I did a few commercials and discovered I loved to act. That's when I met my agent.

BN: When you were little, what kinds of media did you like?

LC: I live in New York, so I’ve been lucky to see many Broadway shows and I’m a huge movie buff when I don’t have too much homework!

BN: How did you manage to break into the notoriously difficult entertainment industry?

LC: I went on auditions that came through my agent.

BN: How many projects have you been a part of and do you have any favorites?

LC: I’ve been fortunate enough to book a few, but my favorite would have to be “Daredevil”.

BN: If you could work on any project, what would be your dream?

LC: My own TV show!

BN: You’re still very young, but what have you found to be the most rewarding part of acting and modeling thus far?

LC: Getting to meet new and exciting people!

Some of my best friends come from working in the industry.


BN: How did you find a way to break into modeling?

LC: I was discovered by my agent at the grocery store.

BN: What kinds of clothes do you most enjoy modeling? Why?

LC: I like to model all types of clothing. I really like wearing active wear so I can be free in my body, but I also love to wear couture and walk in fashion shows.

BN: What are the best parts of modeling? What are the most challenging parts?

LC: The best part is the excitement and rush on set, and the worst parts are waiting and waiting.

BN: Between acting and modeling, do you prefer one over the other?

LC: I really enjoy both, but I love acting because I can express emotions and feelings through character.

BN: What kind of advice might you give to someone who wants to be a model or actress?

LC: You have to want it and work hard.

BN: What sorts of projects and events are coming up that you’re excited about?

LC: I have a few new campaigns coming out this spring and one movie that I’m still waiting to be released. In the meantime, I’m always auditioning, working hard and having fun.