It was only a matter of time before Donald Trump was mentioned during the 74th annual Golden Globes, and it occurred within minutes. The president-elect was quickly roasted not once, but twice during the opening monologue.

Golden Globes on Trump

Over the last year and a half, the presidential candidacy, and now election, of Donald Trump has been the butt of many jokes on late-night TV. For comedian Jimmy Fallon, he's been on Trump's case for some time as the host of "The Tonight Show." With the experience in his back pocket, Fallon was selected as host of the Golden Globes, and made sure to take a few jabs at the former host of "The Apprentice." As posted on the offical Twitter account of the Golden Globes, Fallon didn't hold back.

Kicking of the 2017 Golden Globes award show was host Jimmy Fallon, as he delivered the opening monologue. After ad-libbing to start his speech when the teleprompter went down, Fallon quickly went after Donald Trump. "This is the Golden Globes, one of the few places left where America honors the popular vote," Fallon said, to the laughter of the those in attendance. Fallon's shot was in reference to Trump winning the electoral college vote, but losing the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by nearly three million votes.

Moments later, Jimmy Fallon went after the president-elect once again, this time comparing him to a character in the hit HBO show "Game of Thrones." "Many people wondering what it would be like if King Joffrey had lived," Fallon stated, before adding, "Well, in 12 days we're gonna find out."

Celebrity backlash

In addition to the roast at the Golden Globes, Donald Trump has been hit with celebrities backlash on Twitter on an almost daily basis.

Actor George Takei, filmmakers Michael Moore and Rob Reiner, and actress Rosie O'Donnell have led the charge in the social media firestorm against the billionaire real estate mogul. In response, Trump has hit back at Hollywood, accusing them of a liberal bias which has been a common talking point for Republicans and the right-wing media for some time.