"The Bachelor" contestant Danielle Maltby scores the first one-on-one date of the season, and gets to spend an entire day with Nick Viall. The 31-year-old neonatal nurse will quickly become a fan favorite because she is low on the drama and seems to be on the show for the right reasons.

So, why did Danielle decide to become a contestant on "The Bachelor," what is the sad news she shares with Nick, and will she make it to the hometown dates — or even further? Here's the scoop on Danielle Maltby, who will kick off her alone time with Nick on Week 2, complete with some hot-tub time on a luxurious yacht, followed by a romantic dinner and a ferris wheel ride that includes some serious making out.

Danielle was engaged

There are two contestants named Danielle this season, but it's Danielle M. that gets the first date with Nick. During their time together, she won't find it easy, but she tells Nick about her heartbreaking past. Her ABC bio reveals that she was engaged, but her fiancé died before they could get married. After his death, she states that she "packed her bags" and "moved to Nashville" in an effort to heal after the devastating loss.

It's not clear how long its been since Danielle's fiancé passed away, but it will be clear to viewers that her heart is still broken. Despite her sad story, she gives her first date with Nick her all and it's evident that he enjoys his time with her.

Reality Steve's spoilers reveal that she gets a rose, and is safe for another week.

Does Danielle make it to hometowns with Nick?

Her first date won't be her last — spoilers indicate that Danielle Maltby continues to spend time with Nick as the season progresses. Although she doesn't get a date on Episode 3, she is part of the Episode 4 group date and makes it through yet another rose ceremony.

Unfortunately, Danielle keeps getting picked for group dates and it seems that although she has a good connection with Nick, some of the other girls' relationships with "The Bachelor" are developing a little faster. After going on group dates in Episodes 5, and again on Episode 6, Danielle finally gets picked for a one-on-one date in the Bahamas in Episode 7, just one week before hometown dates.

A tough break

Reality Steve's spoilers indicate that Danielle's one-on-one date in Bimini, Bahamas is her last one. After touring Bimini on bikes with Nick, he eliminates her before the rose ceremony, and fans should grab the tissues — apparently. She is extremely upset when she says "goodbye" to Nick.