"The young and the restless" lost one of daytime's favorite men this week. Steve Burton played Dylan McAvoy for several years, earning Daytime Emmy nods in the process. He brought over a solid fan base from his days at "General Hospital" as Jason Morgan. His fans are now mourning the loss of him in the daytime business, though he has moved on to other business endeavors.

Dylan exits Genoa City

Steve Burton announced his departure from "The Young and the Restless" a few months ago, noting he would finish taping at the end of 2016. His final scenes have aired and the writers have chosen to leave the story open-ended instead of killing him off.

Dylan was whisked into the Witness Protection Program and this week, it will be confirmed that his transition went well and he made it.

Nikki grieves again

Nikki (Melody Scott Thomas) is going to have a hard time coping with Dylan being gone again. She spent her whole life wondering about her son and now, he is gone again without any hope of returning. Nikki is going to have regrets about the time she didn't spend with him. She wanted a life with him and didn't get what she had hoped. Paul (Doug Davidson) assures her that their child is safe but tells her he will not be able to be in communication with them.

Sharon (Sharon Case) is going to have a very hard time without Dylan around to save her.

She is living alone, and that is when the biggest trouble happens for her. After the ordeal with Sully/Christian, her mind isn't what it should be. Ironically, she is going to seek solace in Nikki. It may seem like an odd pairing but with the loss of Dylan, they will find comfort in one another.

Fans are still reeling from the exit of Steve Burton.

He is someone who has a huge following in the daytime realm. With two decades on "General Hospital" and several years under his belt at "The Young and the Restless," it isn't shocking to see fan tributes and sentiments as they watch him walk away from the small screen. Burton will be missed and remembered.