Dorothy and Lucas get interrupted on their journey by West in "Everybody Lies". The witch wants revenge for her sister’s death, and she’ll use every magical interrogation technique at her disposal to get it. Meanwhile, the Wizard goes to Lady Ev for help with weaponry to take on the Beast Forever.

Lucas meets an old friend

In last week’s episode, Eamonn, the member of the Wizard guard who was tracking Lucas and Dorothy, called him Roan, and now, we know the two actually worked together. While Lucas has spent the last few episodes secretly thinking he killed an entire village of people, Eamonn assures him he’s a good man and he’ll help clear his name.

Of course, Eamonn isn’t really in the position to help anyone considering Dorothy shot him right before West got ahold of her. Instead, Lucas ends up trying to track Dorothy with the little girl they were helping while Eamonn has to get himself stitched up.

What this particular sequence of events tells us is that the Wizard definitely has experience with guns, meaning his origin of coming from Dorothy’s world doesn’t come as a huge surprise. It also seems to further prove that Sylvie is a young witch. Mother South was supposed to have given birth to all the witches in Oz though, so where did Sylvie come from?

Lucas gets caught

Sylvie’s tracking of Dorothy gets sidetracked when guards surround Lucas.

While Lucas tries to fight his way out initially, what he learns from the guard stops him cold -- he attacked members of the guard and killed 10 before they could stop him in Limbo. No one knows why, including Lucas, who doesn’t even remember doing it. Lucas turns himself in to the guard and leaves Sylvie on the street. With all three of the group the show’s been following separated, it does make me wonder how their paths will link up again in the next few episodes.

Dorothy meets West

West is definitely one of the most interesting characters on the show so far. A woman who seems to loathe magic, but needs it to survive, she’s heartbroken by the death of East, and she’s ready to torture whatever truth she can out of Dorothy about her hand in her sister’s death.

Their interactions are both difficult and fascinating to watch.

Dorothy does her best to tell West the truth without getting herself killed, but it doesn’t stop West from torturing her to find out more information about whether Dorothy is actually a witch or not and just how she killed her sister.

What’s most interesting about their interactions to me is actually that Tip is there to watch and assist West, and not exactly happy about it, though he endures it because he wants West to teach him magic. While it’s obvious from the outset that Tip recognizes Dorothy, Dorothy has no idea that Tip is the same little boy she helped rescue until Tip confronts her about it.

Dorothy also meets the Wizard

In the final moments of the episode, not only has Dorothy escaped West (who is still trying to figure out what Glinda is hiding from her), but she’s found her way to the Wizard’s home.

The Wizard is enjoying a little Pink Floyd on his walkman when she drops in and aims a gun at him, but not only does he recognize her mother’s name, but he calls her Dorothy and welcomes her home.

Given that interlopers are rare in Oz, or at least we’ve been led to believe that, we’ve all got to be wondering how he knows exactly who she is. The quick jump has me wondering if he’s her father, but I do hope not because that feel like the show would be pulling from the “Wicked” Broadway playbook instead of the original novels for its inspiration. I am curious to see if he’s going to find Dorothy as friend or foe next.

The verdict and what’s next

In a pretty slow moving episode, the scenes with West really saved the show.

I find myself wanting to know more and more about the magical history in Oz.

3.5 out of 5 stars.

Next week’s “Beautiful Wickedness” is all about the past -- not only that of Lucas, but also both the Wizard’s and Dorothy’s.