Enid on "The Walking Dead" is still a bit of a mystery. While fans know some details about the other Alexandrians, Katelyn Nacon's character on "TWD" remains secretive. Most viewers have never completely trusted her, especially after she hinted knowing something about the Wolves. Now that Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) is planning war against Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), will her past finally be unveiled? A sneak peek photo for season 7B suggests that Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) and the others might be disappointed or shocked by what she has to say.

Enid's past

Enid's life before Alexandria was never really discussed. All that is known is that she lost her parents and was on her own before coming to the gated community. Once she arrived, she didn't speak for a few months. However, that is all that was revealed about the character.

Carl's girlfriend on 'The Walking Dead' is still secretive

"TWD" fans have never trusted Enid. She was too secretive and was always sneaking out of Alexandria. She also seemed to hint that she knew information about the Wolves, a group that attacked the community. She is still a mystery and viewers need to know more about her.

Enid's storyline in season 7B

It was previously teased that there will be more of Enid when "The Walking Dead" returns next month.

Recently, AMC's press center released a sneak peek photo. It shows Enid at the Hilltop Colony, who appears to be saying something to Rick's group. The look on their faces suggests that they are shocked and perhaps disappointed in her. Is she confessing to knowing information or did she do something?

Does Enid know something on 'TWD?'

When season 7B premieres, Rick will be planning war. The group will try to increase their numbers by asking the Hilltop Colony and The Kingdom to join the battle. Does Enid have information that could help them? Judging by the look on Sasha's (Sonequa Martin-Green) face, it appears that Enid might be confessing rather than providing helpful information. It was stated to expect treachery from those that they trust. Could Enid be one of the people that deceives the Alexandrians?

What do you think will happen with Enid on "The Walking Dead?"