When you’re a television sitcom and someone like the Vice-President of the United States states how your episodes have been highly educational for the public despite not meaning to have them be so, then it can be construed that you’re a quality program indeed. Such has been the distinction of NBC’s 1998-2006 comedy series “Will & Grace”, touted as one of the most successful TV shows with gay main characters, and a great social aid at improving the LGBT community’s image according to soon-to-be former Vice President Jo Biden. Mere months after the principal cast did a 10-minute reunion special in September 2016 for an election awareness campaign (where they took a subtle dig at now-President Donald Trump), there came the most unexpected and wonderful news that NBC is gearing to produce a brand-new 10-episode season of more “Will & Grace”.

The gang’s all here

While the official network announcement was only made this January, details of a possible revival and continuation of the sitcom were leaked last year by Leslie Jordan, who played Beverly in the show. And that’s not the entirety of the good news; everybody who’s anybody from the initial “Will & Grace” run is coming back for this. Eric “Will” McCormack, Debra “Grace” Messing, Sean “Jack” Hayes and Megan “Karen” Mullally are all up to reprise their famous roles. Also back in their usual spots are show creators Max Mutchnick and David Kohan as the show-runners, and James Burrows as director. To facilitate their participation in the sitcom’s revival, all involved renegotiated with Universal Television, especially Hayes who had gone on to develop several Universal TV shows like “Grimm” and “Hollywood Game Night”.

Really, just the fact that every prominent personage has thrown their hat into the ring for more “Will & Grace” was a big factor in making this new production seem like merely a long-overdue continuation, as felt by NBC Entertainment Robert Greenblatt sating, "This groundbreaking series for everything from gay rights to social and political commentary — all disguised as a high-speed train of witty pop culture — is coming back where it belongs."

Making “gay” accepted and mainstream

Will & Grace” chronicles the hilariously heartwarming lives of two roommates, gay corporate lawyer Will Truman (McCormack) and straight interior decorator Grace Adler (Messing), who became best friends in college.

They’re joined for more wackiness by Grace’s associate Karen Walker (Mullally) and Will’s flamboyantly fun friend Jack McFarland (Hayes). From 2001 to 2005 the NBC series was the highest rated sitcom among the 18-49 age range. Out of 83 nominations throughout eight seasons the show brought home 16 Emmys – all four stars won awards – and while no streaming service has taken it up, “Will & Grace” remains prominent in syndication.

It’s informally credited with improving its audiences’ perception about LGBTs, to the point that VP Biden once said “it did more to educate” on these issues than anyone else. We can’t wait to see it back.