Who does Nick Viall send home on "The Bachelor" season premiere Monday night? During the first episode, Nick will do his best to get to know all 30 girls vying for his heart, but there's only one first impression rose to give out and he must send eight ladies home at the first rose ceremony of the season.

The group dates and one-on-one dates won't start until next week, so Monday night's episode will be centered around the girls arriving at the "Bachelor" mansion and their first cocktail party with Nick. Spoilers indicate that the drama won't heat up until the second episode, but fans should start to get a good idea as to who the villain is and which girls are there for the right — or wrong — reasons.

Here's the scoop on what fans can expect on the first episode of "The Bachelor," including some spoilers for the show's 21st season.

Who gets the first impression rose?

In the beginning of Monday night's show, Nick promises to give America "a happy ending" this season and that line should clue fans in that it's going to be a hot and steamy season. There is no doubt from the video preview below that Nick is going to kiss a lot of girls on his journey to find the one girl who may or may not become his wife.

Before he starts the hot tub dates and hands out keys to the fantasy suite, Nick has to give out his first impression rose. According to Reality Steve, contestant Rachel Lindsay gets the first rose of the season.

The beautiful Dallas attorney is said to be a top contender this season, making it to at least the Fantasy Suite dates near the end of the season.

Which girl slept with Nick before the show?

Contestant Elizabeth Sandoz admits during the season premiere that she had a one-night stand with Nick Viall at "Bachelor in Paradise" stars Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert's wedding.

Fans will see Nick and Liz have a rather awkward conversation during the cocktail party and she will admit that she didn't take his phone number after they slept together but came on the show because she felt they had unfinished business to take care of. Reality Steve's spoilers reveal that she won't make it far this season and that shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.

Who goes home on night one?

Nick has to pick eight girls to go home at the first rose ceremony of the season, but it shouldn't be a heartbreaker for any of the girls considering they all spent only a few minutes with Nick while filming the premiere. Spoilers point to the following girls leaving on night one — Angela A., Michelle R. Susannah M., Briana G., Olivia B., Jasmine B., Lauren H., and Ida Marie.

Next week, the remaining 22 girls will start going on dates with Nick in the Los Angeles area. Fans can expect to see "The Bachelor" go on his first one-on-one with Danielle M. and two group dates. Four more girls will go home and one of the girls will quickly be pegged as this season's villain.

Watch "The Bachelor" starring Nick Viall at 8 p.m. ET on Monday nights on ABC.