There's a mystery going on in Bachelor Nation and no one seems to know what the real story is. "Bachelor in Paradise" stars Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray still haven't issued a formal breakup statement, and were a no-show on Sunday night's "Bachelor Countdown to Nick" special, despite ABC's promise that the couple would give a relationship update.

According to ABC, several couples were schedule to appear on the special to let fans know how their relationships were going, including Ben and Lauren, Kaitlyn and Shawn, Sean and Catherine, and another couple who got engaged on "Bachelor in Paradise," Carly and Evan.

A press release from the network also included Amanda and Josh on the list, but they never appeared on the one-hour special.

The only reasonable explanation for Amanda and Josh not showing up to give a relationship update on "The Bachelor Countdown to Nick" is that the special was filmed weeks before they broke up. Perhaps they filmed the segment while everything was going great and ABC didn't have time to reshoot their update with the breakup news.

Amanda and Josh spotted together after breakup

Blogger Reality Steve has confirmed that the couple broke up last month, but no formal statement has been issued by the couple to date. Josh documented his trip home to Atlanta on Snapchat around the time of the rumored split, and all of Amanda's new photos only include friends and her two daughters.

Soon after arriving back in Atlanta, Josh's beloved dog Sabel died, and after announcing the sad news, Josh has been rather silent on social media. However, the couple was spotted out in Atlanta right before New Year's Eve, with a fan snapping a photo with Josh and Amanda, who looked pretty happy.

Us Weekly reports that Amanda and Josh looked relaxed and were "discussing their New Year's Eve plans." Whether or not they rang in the New Year together is unknown, and the mystery surrounding their relationship — or non-relationship — continues.

Do you think Amanda and Josh have called it quits, or are they staying quiet about their relationship and trying to work things out?