Get ready for some big-time drama when the "The Bachelor" returns to ABC on Monday nights starting with the season premiere on January 2, 2017. Nick Viall will greet 30 ladies as they exit their limousines to meet the 36-year-old Wisconsin native who is back for his fourth shot at finding love on TV.

Although spoilers have already leaked out about Nick Viall's final pick, many viewers want to watch the show spoiler-free and try to figure out on their own who goes home first, who gets the first impression rose, and which girls will head to the Fantasy Suite with Nick.

This season, ABC is offering a "Bachelor" Fantasy League for fans who want to try their luck at picking the girls who will make it to the final four (hometown dates), the final three (overnight dates), and to the biggest episode of the season, the final rose ceremony.

In order to choose the girls to put in your fantasy league, you are going to have to know their names — and keeping track of 30 girls is no easy feat. We feel for you, Nick.

Nick's ladies

A preview video from ABC shows the drama that's in store for the 21st season of "The Bachelor," with at least one woman already making moves that are worth of being this season's villain and another who tells her co-stars that she slept with Nick before the show was filmed.

Sounds like it's going to be a great season if you enjoy a side of controversy with your love story.

Here are the names of the 30 ladies who will be stepping out of limos and into the mansion for the first cocktail party of the season on Monday night.

Vanessa Grimaldi, 29

Briana Guertler, 28

Jaimi King, 28

Danielle Maltby, 31

Rachel Lindsay, 31

Lauren Hussey, 30

Jasmine Goode, 29.

Sarah Vendal, 26

Dominique Alexis, 25

Lacey Mark, 25

Olivia Burnette, 25

Corinne Olympios, 24

Angela Amezcua, 26

Raven Gates, 25

Christen Whitney, 25

Jasmine Brown, 25

Elizabeth Sandoz, 29

Danielle Lombard, 27

Astrid Loch, 26

Susannah Milan, 27

Brittany Farrar, 26

Whitney Fransway, 25

Watch "The Bachelor" starring Nick Viall starting Monday, January 2 at 8 p.m.

on ABC.