As political parties and center bicker over Jallikattu ban, Tamil Nadu continues to burn and if the administration had learned from history things would not have come to such a state. On January 20, 2017, when the state capital must have been getting ready for the Republic Day celebrations we have more than 15,000 people lining the picturesque Marina Beach in a show of solidarity for a sport which is looked through different viewing glass.

'Jallikattu' is a traditional sport in which a bull is released into a crowd of people.

Massive, Spontaneous and Leaderless

Marina Beach has turned into an ocean of bonfires as once again it sounds like a confrontation between what is a part of local culture and the Federal authority. What is surprising is the fact that protesters have not allowed any political party or person to align with the protests. It is a double edged sword and can cut both ways.

The air has a festive mood with food and water at every 100 yards. There are pit stops for food, rice sambar, cups of hot tea and samosas.

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The protestors who have spearheaded the protest for two days have returned home to rest to be joined by a fresh and even bigger influx of new protestors.

The social media is tense and sizzling with protests, and this has drawn the youth to the cause.

The youth have always spearheaded any protest or revolution, and already the media is referring the JaliKuttu protests as the Tamil Spring March.

Center refuses to intervene

The State Government is contemplating bringing in an ordinance to bypass the ban on bull taming.

The center has already made it clear that it will not bring in any law to legalize or circumvent the embargo.

The protests have remained peaceful till now, and it will become more intense on Friday as the movement will be joined by film personalities, transporters, traders, and lawyers.

School and colleges will remain closed on Friday. Public transport will also be off the roads.

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The Centre has saved its face by hiding behind the plea that the case is sub-judice, but there is no way out for the State CM who has obtained the reins of the state in most difficult circumstances and is now grappling with another issue which will have a lot of ramifications in the future.

For any Tamil, Jallikattu is not only a local sport but a symbol of Tamil pride and culture which he values dearly.