Shia LaBeouf, american Actor and performance artist, was charged early Thursday morning, with misdemeanor assault and a harassment violation after getting in a scuffle during a rally against Donald trump. This was stated by Sgt Thomas Antonetti of the New York Police department.

Actor Shia LaBeouf arrested during protest outside museum in Astoria

As Seargent Antonetti said, LaBeouf grabbed at the scarf of a 25-year-old man, causing swelling to the man’s face, and then pushed him, which made the man fall to the ground. Police officers were flagged down.

They arrested LaBeouf at about 12.00 a.m. on suspicion of misdemeanor harassment and assault. The alleged victim didn't ask for medical treatment and remained on the scene, police said. The New York Daily News reported that LaBeouf was charged and released early Thursday.

The tussle happened on the seventh day of a livestream that LaBeouf and two collaborators intend to have running 24 hours a day for an anti-Trump protest. They have invited the public to repeat the phrase "He will not divide us" into a camera mounted on an outdoor wall. It was unclear whether the camera captured any of Thursday's confrontation. It did show the aftermath, including LaBeouf being handcuffed and led off by police.

In the moments before his arrest, he issued a plea into the camera. "Hey, be nice. Everybody be nice down here, man. Just be nice! Be nice!" he said.

Commitments and misdeeds of Shia LaBeouf

The arrest is not Mr. LaBeouf’s first dust-up with the law. In 2014, while at a Broadway performance of the musical Cabaret, he was arrested and later charged with disorderly conduct and criminal tresspass.

The actor first rose to prominence as a child performer on the Disney Channel television series "Even Stevens," and, in 2008, starred in Steven Spielberg’s "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull." LaBeouf recently finisched shooting on Janus Metz Pedersen’s film "Bjorn-McEnroe," a drama that tells the story of the Wimbledon final match between Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe in 1980, where the American actor plays McEnroe.