Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's relationship is deepening. Earlier this month, the prince took the actress to an abandoned mining town of Barentsburg while on their Norway trip. While there, he tested her love for him by camping in a dangerous polar bear site without much protection available for either one of them while they slept.

Dangerous trip

It was reported that Prince Harry wanted to see if Meghan was not only adventurous but also brave enough to trust him with her life in a dangerous situation. The couple drove snowmobiles for eight hours while wearing heated snow suits.

When they arrived at Barentsburg, Prince Harry, 32, and Meghan, 35, camped overnight surrounded by polar bears. Harry’s explorer friend, Inge Solheim, was with the couple for protection. He set up flares to scare off any predators that came near.

Test of love

Whether Meghan proved her love for Prince Harry or not, one thing is for sure. They have been getting together quite often since they began dating eight months ago. They have taken some of the same steps other couples take when they want their relationship to move to the next level. For instance, Meghan has introduced Prince Harry to her father, and Prince Harry has introduced Meghan to some members of his royal family. He introduced his bother Prince William to Meghan quite early in their relationship.

Meghan met Duchess Kate a few days after Kate turned 35. That's the same age as Meghan. The actress gave Kate a leather-bound dream diary as a birthday present.

Meghan also met Harry's father, Prince Charles. The "Suits" actress has not met Harry's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II yet. That will be a big sign when she does. The Queen knows about Meghan and says she approves of the actress mainly for her humanitarianism.

Besides, she noted that she had not seen Harry so happy.

Future for the couple

No one knows for sure what's in store for the couple, but people are fascinated with the idea that Prince Harry might marry a commoner, especially one who is biracial, older, and divorced. People like knowing about their love story. Stay tuned for more news as it emerges.