Over the last year and a half, Donald Trump has been forced to deal with non-stop criticism from his most vocal opponents. For comedian Bill Maher, the backlash against Trump doesn't appear to be slowing down.

Maher on Trump

When Donald Trump first announced his intention to run for president, he was quickly viewed as nothing more than a side show and a joke that would quickly fade away. As time went on, the billionaire real estate mogul was able to knock off the other 16 Republican presidential candidates, and win the party's nomination last July.

Four months later and Trump pulled off the major upset and defeated Hillary Clinton to become the new president, a shock that continues to stand to present day. In the 48 hours since he's been president, Trump has already caused controversy, which Bill Maher was able to pinpoint in a January 22 Twitter post.

"If anyone thought Trump wld lose his reality show worldview, think again," Bill Maher wrote on Twitter Sunday afternoon, while adding, "Message so far: 'I'm not here to make friends.' And he's not." Maher's comments come just two days after the season premiere of "Real Time with Bill Maher" this past Friday night.

During his show's opening monologue, Bill Maher ripped into Donald Trump, focusing on his inauguration and then the speech that was given after.

Maher labeled the speech as "ugly" and "joyless," while also calling it "divisive." Maher would go on to make various jokes about the former host of "The Apprentice," but made sure to get his message across in a more serious tone at times. Maher has been a longtime critic of the new president, and it looks as if the liberal comedian will have a lot of material to work with over the next four years.

Moving forward

In addition to Bill Maher, opposition is also growing across the country when it comes to Donald Trump, his administration, and political agenda. On Saturday, over 500,000 protesters took part in the Women's March in the nation's capital, with 500,000 more demonstrators protesting in various cities around the country. With Trump now in the White House, the backlash against him is expected to only continue.