Piccolo, the warrior character, could reach a new state of god?

Several days ago, different platforms like YouTube and Facebook were spreading information about the "god Namekian," that is, a god level for Piccolo for the tournament that will comprise all the universes, however, the response is extremely shocking.

What is the truth?

We are a few days into the first chapter of Gohan's mini-saga, a saga that probably will only have two chapters. And in this way, it opens the way to the new and much desired tournament saga. However, many fans are buying into the hypothesis of the super Namekian god, because Bills wants a strong team.

Also a team that is worthy, with very strong fighters. It is possible to emphasize that Piccolo already had been part of the universal match of Bills against Champa, and in that moment yielded before Vegeta, after this, this personage failed to show all of his potential before the destroying god, Bills.

Well, to get a main idea of ​​this topic, the following questions are asked:

What is a Namekian god? And how is this state of god attained?

To become a Namekian god you need to be part of the Namekian warrior race, and also be part of the dragon clan. In this case, Piccolo is part of the warrior race by nature and the merger of Kamisama, who belongs to the dragon clan. The dragon clan formerly was very large, but a climatic change ended up with more than 99% of its race eliminated, except for the great patriarch and the child that was sent to Earth.

This child was Piccolo, and he has the possibility to reach the state of the god Namekian. Not only for these aspects, but on the other hand, Piccolo has half the essence of Kamisama, that is, he still retains some aspects of a god. Remember that Kamisama was the god of the Earth before merging with Piccolo.

Piccolo is a very intelligent warrior, able to surpass his limits as we have seen throughout the series of "Dragon Ball Z." It will be interesting to see what role he will play in the upcoming saga, and how significant of an impact he will have.