Nick Viall is looking for love this winter on ABC's “The Bachelor” 2017 season and spoilers tease that he may finally be successful in this fourth stint with the franchise. Episode 5 is set to air on Monday night and teasers reveal that a big date is ahead for one bachelorette described as an early frontrunner. What's the scoop?

Rachel Lindsay gets a chance to shine

Viewers have not seen all that much of Rachel Lindsay yet, but “Bachelor” spoilers indicate that she gets a one-on-one with Nick Viall in Episode 5 and they'll have a grand time together in New Orleans.

Entertainment Tonight was in New Orleans as Nick and Rachel had their date and Viall told them that Lindsay was “kind of a front-runner since day one.” Viewers will remember that she got the first impression rose, but can she get the final rose too?

Rachel may have had to wait a bit for an individual date, but it seems that Nick knew he wanted to keep her around so he worked through dates with some others to figure out whether he had a connection elsewhere. He detailed that Lindsay was always very easy to talk to and he loved her smile, strength, and personality. “The Bachelor” spoilers reveal that the date in New Orleans goes quite well and gossip guru Reality Steve has teased that she will be sticking around for a while.

Could this bachelorette snag Viall's final rose?

It sounds as if Nick and Rachel will definitely be falling for one another, and they will have another one-on-one date together later in the season. However, Reality Steve's “Bachelor” spoilers have revealed that she comes up a bit short when it comes to snagging that final rose.

She is likely going to quickly become a fan favorite as the season continues, though, and this has many buzzing about whether she could go on to lead the “Bachelorette” 2017 season.

Just how fiery will things get between Nick Viall and Rachel Lindsay on “The Bachelor”? Spoilers tease that everybody will be seeing for themselves during Episode 5 airing on Monday, January 30, and there is plenty more to come between these two as Season 21 continues.