Alright, "Young And The Restless" fans. We're back at you with quite a few, new spoilers for the upcoming Wednesday January 4th, 2017 episode. That's right. Our sources delivered big, today, so get ready for some intense stuff to go down with Billy and Jack, because apparently it's going to get pretty intense between those two at some point. Nikki's also going to get all up in Paul's face for some answers, and more.

Somebody better get ready to talk

To start things off, we'll dig more into this Nikki and Paul situation. It turns out that he will have some answers that she wants to pull out of him, or at least, she thinks he has some answers as she will definitely be on his case, demanding that he give her the intel she wants.

Will he go ahead and tell her what she wants to know? That'll be something to look for.

Things get sorted out

Next, we learn that a big interaction is going to take place with Ravi and Ashley as they describe that she is going to set the record straight with him. A further elaboration of this from our Soapcentral sources, explains that they are going to become very vital pieces in each other's lives, so that sounds pretty serious. Look for that storyline to get pretty intriguing.

How far will this go?

Next, we've got a reveal that lets us know some heavy tensions could be going down with Jack and Billy. Apparently, at some point, Jack is going to, as they describe, hit a nerve with Billy during one of their interactions.

Or in other words, he is going to piss him the hell off. We don't know how far this exchange will escalate, but it sounds like some heavy drama could result from this one.

It's about to go down with the Fenmore's

Elsewhere, it sounds like the Fenmore's better watch their back, because we're going to see a conversation go down between Jack and Ashley where he ends up, telling her that he's ready to make a move on them.

We couldn't find anymore details on that, but that little bit of info does sound interesting. Be on the look out for that.

She wants greatness

In this next scoop , we have things looking pretty good between Lauren and Phyllis. Phyllis is apparently quite excited about Lauren's company as she's reportedly looking forward to helping her push the company straight to the top. Lastly, we find out that Hilary will still be quite busy with Devon as they say, that she will be refusing to leave his side after his major tragedy. Stay tuned.