Hey, "Young And The Restless" fans. It definitely looks like the heat is about to get turned up again in tomorrow's January 3rd,2017 episode with an intense Hilary and Lily scene. Apparently, she jumps down Hilary's throat over what happened to Devon! We got two other lesser storyline scoops for you today, thanks to our TV Guide sources. One of them includes Mariah jumping on the saddle and taking over the GC Buzz reins, and more.

No love for her

I'm going to go ahead and start off Tuesday's January 3rd scoops with this whole argument situation, involving Hilary and Lily.

As we all know, Devon got into just a nasty and wicked car accident that has left him in a comma in the hospital. Hilary ended up, rushing to his bedside in tears that flowed so frequently they could've filled up a pond.

However, for some reason, in this episode, we've got Lily not making things any better as we're told that she's going to totally slap all the blame on Hilary after losing patience with her, and cause a big confrontation between the two of them! The Soaps.com people said it will just be a verbal attack, so we don't know if things will escalate to a physical level. We do know things will get very heated, though.

Victoria catches the question heat

Next, we learn that, at some point, Victoria is going to get a 3rd degree question session, thrown at her by Victor when he wants to find out why Reed has shown up on the scene all of a sudden.

Also, this storyline extends into some other scenes as we learn that before it's all said and done, we'll be seeing Victor get his chance to reconnect with Reed. So, it sounds like Victoria will give him the intel he needs after heavily questioning her.

She's about to rise

Finally, in this last reveal, we find out that the GC Buzz isn't going to be the same, because we're going to see Mariah jump in and take over the reins as they describe.

We don't know if that means she'll start running everything, but it sounds like she'll definitely become more of an active player in what goes down there, so it should get real interesting. Will her more active role start to cause more tensions and drama? We'll just have to wait and see. Alright guys. That's it for now, but we'll be back with the January 4th scoops tomorrow. Stay tuned.