Alright, so we were given two, pretty short spoiler scoops for next week's "Vikings" episode 17 of the current season 4. Overall, they sound pretty interesting, but they don't reveal anything super intense. We'll just be seeing the big Viking army all gathered together in Kattegat at some point. Then we'll see Lagertha not being able to see Bjorn at the moment, but will have to remain very sharp in spite of that.

"The Great Army" is what they called it

We also found out what the title is for this 17th installment. They're calling it: "The Great Army," which seems quite appropriate given the few details that we've learned thus far.

We've got the folks over at Trakt,tv and the show's official Wikia page to thank for tracking these tiny bit of teasers down.

This is the main location

Ok, so lets get into this. It turns out that the land of Kattegat is going to be quite the busy place as it will host a huge gathering that will be going down with the Viking army. Unfortunately, there was no elaboration about what will be taking place in this particular situation, but I'm sure some extra stuff will be shown in this hour-long drama. Will they be gathering for a major fight? Or do they just need to have a very serious discussion? These will be the questions that will and should certainly get answered in this one.

She must remain on high alert

Lastly, in this final teaser, we find out that Bjorn won't be on the scene as they say, he's going to be absent and that Lagertha won't be able to see him. However, she is going to be forced to keep herself vigilant and very aware in spite of Bjorn's missing-in-action status, which suggest that much danger is lurking about.

Unfortunately, we can't give many details on what that danger might be with this limited synopsis we have to work with. However, it does sound like Lagertha could have her hands full, judging from that description. If there is many threats around, will she be able to handle them all? That's going to be a situation that should have an interesting outcome.

Maybe after tonight's episode, the History Channel might drop a preview clip for the 17th installment, so you guys might want to keep your eyes peeled for that, as it should deliver up some extra, much-needed intel. Also, we can currently confirm that episode 17 is due to arrive on Wednesday night, January 11th at 8pm central time, so be sure to make sure you don't forget that, and stay tuned.