Hey, "This Is Us" fans. I sure bet you're glad to see your favorite show return from its midseason break. This also means that we've return to give you new spoilers, starting with the upcoming episode 12 of the current season 1. The wonderful folks at TV Guide were our sources for these, and they gave us three juicy storyline scoops to appease your spoiler hungry appetites. They sound pretty serious too as we have Rebecca, forgetting Jack's whole birthday due to excessive exhaustion. Dr. K continues to have a hard time, getting over the loss of his wife, and more.

It's just too much for her

We also got a title for this thing. The producers decided to label it: "The Big Day." It sounds pretty fitting as it's certainly someone's big day. Unfortunately though. It gets forgotten by a certain someone. Anyways, we'll go ahead and start off the official synopsis reveals with that particular storyline. They tell us that we're going to see Rebecca get absolutely overworked to the bone, because the due date for the triplets is moving pretty damn fast!

This is going to result in Rebecca, forgetting Jack's precious birthday. Will she ever make it up to him? Or will she stay so preoccupied with her stresses to even give a damn? We'll have to see how that scenario plays out.

It certainly sounds like it could get pretty dramatic.

It's just too overwhelming

Next, we find out that poor Dr. K is going to continue to be down in the dumps after having lost his precious wife. It sounds like he may need to eventually get some therapy over this as they describe that he's going to wrestle with trying to get over this major tragedy.

Will he be able to bounce back? How long will it take? Or will he just wallow in agony forever? Geez, I certainly hope not.

Can he resolve things?

Then last, but most certainly not least, we have a big fight on our hands as the firefighter who ended up, bringing Randall to the hospital, is apparently going to have some heavy marital problems, and he's going to have to really fight to save his marriage.

Will he be able to get the job done? Or is divorce looming in his future? Those are a couple of interesting questions that will hopefully be addressed with that plotline.

Alright guys. That's going to wrap up the scoops for this installment, because that's all they were willing to cough up. However, there should be a new promo clip that will get served up after tonight's airing of episode 11. Be on the lookout for that as it should ,most definitely, give us some extra details. Also, we can confirm that episode 12 is set to arrive on Tuesday night, January 17th at 8pm central time. Stay tuned.