Hey, "Teen Wolf" peeps. We were able to track down a very short synopsis spoiler scoop for the upcoming episode 9 of season 6 from the official MTV crew. It sounds very intriguing as a big attempt to try and remember Stiles, takes place at some point. We'll also see Theo and Liam trying to help out as much as they can to make sure this thing goes off without a hitch.

"Memory Found" is the name

We were also able to get a title for it from them. It turns out that the producers gave it a pretty fitting name by calling it: "Memory Found," because that appears to definitely be the goal for the crew in regards to Stiles.

Speaking of that, lets dig as much as we can into this official storyline scoop.

Here's what they came up with

So, it turns out that we're going to see Scott and company, supposedly come up with a plan where they will try to remember Stiles. Unfortunately, their synopsis is so vague and they definitely don't mention anything that will be going on when the plan gets carried out, or if will be successfully carried out. For now, we just know that they're definitely going to give it the good ole college try.

Extra help is on deck

However, they did mention something else. Actually, let me go back a second. We're actually going to see Scott, Malia and Lydia be involved the remembering part. Yep, all three of them will be trying as hard as they can to kickstart their Stiles memory banks.

Then for that other thing they mentioned. Apparently, they're going to get Theo and Liam to help out in the situation by acting as decoys. So, that just leaves us with the burning questions of will these guys be able to pull this off? And what happens if they can't? Will we ever see Stiles again? It's definitely going to get interesting.

Alright guys. That's going to wrap it up for this spoiler session. We're terribly sorry that we couldn't offer more, but hey, MTV just didn't want to reveal anymore. I guess they thought it would just be too much. We do know that there will be a new spoiler clip, showing up after episode 8 airs tonight. You'll definitely want to watch out for that, because it'll certainly offer up extra details. We can also confirm that episode 9 is due out next Tuesday night, January 24th, 2017 in the 8pm central time slot. Stay tuned.