Alright, "Shadowhunters" fans. We got some new spoilery goodness from out friends over at Freeform. They spit out the official press release spoilers for the upcoming episode 4 of season 2, and things sound real serious as the crew has to face off with a new demon on the scene that's presenting problems they've never faced before! Clary is also having issues with the Shadowhunters since Jace is locked up, and more!

Clary isn't happy with them

We also got a title for this latest installment. It's being called: "Day Of Wrath." It's sounds pretty damn violent.

According to the official description, we find out that Jace is going to be in a very sticky situation at the moment as he's all locked up in "The City Of Bones," and his fate is very questionable. This will not be sitting well with Clary, and will spark up a huge problem between her and the new Shadowhunter order. Clary will also continue to take on much of the suspicion that the Shadowhunter world currently has.

The surprising new threat

Next, we find out that all this drama will take a back seat when a powerful, new demon shows up on the scene. This will get so serious that Clary will team up with Alec and Isabelle to help slay this vicious being. Further intel, reveals that they're going to think it's just a routine mission at first, but unfortunately, they're going to quickly learn that isn't the case, and will quickly put out a high alert for the institute!

Also, things are going to be so serious with this new demon that it's going to offer up a major game changer for the hunters and their Downworlder friends. It's just madness I tell you. Madness! Will they be able to overcome this great wickedness? Or will it just totally overwhelm them? One things for sure, we're going to see a lot of action and drama go down with this situation.

Also, this part of the storyline was highlighted in all caps by the network, so it'll probably be the main focus of this episode.

The search is on

Lastly, we've got this final teaser. It reveals that Simon and Raphael are going to step up their hunting game in an effort to track down Camille. Will they be able to step it up enough to finally locate her?

Or will Camille continue to remain out of their grasp? It's certainly going to be interesting to find out. Also, while this is happening, we're going to see Clary get hit up by Jocelyn with some sort of a proposition. They didn't go into detail about what this proposal is, so we don't have that intel, but it certainly sounds intriguing. What will Jocelyn have for her? Will Clary accept it? Those are a couple more interesting questions that I hope get answered in this episode.

Alright, guys. That's going to wrap it up for the "Day Of Wrath" teasers, but be sure to look out for the new promo clip that should be dropping tonight after episode 3 airs. Also, mark down Monday, January 23rd, 2017 at 7pm central time down on your TV calendars, because that's when episode 4 is showing up. Stay tuned.