TLC reality television show "My 600-lb Life" chronicles some of the most shocking celebrity makeovers ever. These aren't Hollywood celebrities, but morbidly obese people hoping to save their lives with gastric bypass surgery. In shocking makeovers, none was quite so extensive as that of Chay Guillory. Now living as Lola, the 24-year-old found surprising weight loss mojo getting out of the closet and into the women's fitting room.

Chay Guillory is TLC's wunderkind

The Charenton, Louisiana young man has had a rather unusual trajectory since bariatric surgery.

When Chay Guillory came to "My 600-lb Life" at 597 pounds, he was one of the youngest but also most driven patients. You could say he was a star pupil of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan. Chay shed the initial weight needed to get his body ready for gastric bypass surgery. Afterwards, the reality television star worked hard and followed Dr. Now's diet tips. But then self-pity set in and weight loss slowed.

The family who was so helpful in getting weight loss surgery wasn't as on board with Chay's LGBT revelation. He felt their homophobic attitude was derailing his progress. His goal was to have gender reassignment surgery, but Dr. Nowzaradan said he needed to concentrate on getting more weight off before he could even consider another life-altering surgery.

The transgender young man was depressed and negative. But then he decided to live life as Lola, sex change or not. Lola lost Chay's chip on the shoulder and more pounds to boot!

Lola Guillory opens the door

In the "My 600-lb Life" Season 5 trailer, Lola is shopping for clothing. Once she stepped out of the closet (denial, and self-pity) and into that women's fitting room, Lola seemed to find her mojo.

She says she feels at home wearing women's clothing. It's a pleasure to select clothes, try them on, and feel attractive in them. The last reported weight loss was 219 pounds, which would put her at 378 pounds. But it looks from the teaser that she's shed a lot more, possibly as much as 300 in all. So shopping is fun again, but not just because of the sex change. Trying on clothing that once fit and now is too small is one of the most disheartening parts of obesity. And gay or straight, it helps body image to be able to wear clothing that was once too tight.