Hey, "Homeland' peeps. Welcome back. It's a new season, and we've certainly got the new spoilers for you, starting with the upcoming season 6 premiere episode 1! We got these from our TV Guide sources, originating from Showtime's recent press release. We were able to get about three storyline scoops out of it, and they sound pretty intriguing and stressful as Quinn is definitely not going to be liking his current circumstances. Then we've got Carrie, working to be an advocate for the Muslims that reside in America, and more.

Her big return and mission

First, lets go over this title reveal. The producers are naming it: "Fair Game." It's a pretty short and simple title. For the synopsis reveals, lets go ahead and get things started with our main chick, Carrie. It turns out that she has made the decision to return to the United States with Franny. We also learn that she is really going to be wanting to stand up for the Muslim folks as they describe that she will be an advocate for them upon her return. That should definitely make for a pretty intriguing storyline.

Important info is exchanged

Next, we find out that Saul and Dar are going to be quite busy in some other scene as they will be in the process of briefing the President-elect, Keane.

What sort of intel will Keane receive from Dar and Saul? Will it be important? Unfortunately, they didn't elaborate on that, but we most certainly look forward to finding out what will be going on with it. It should get interesting.

Oh, the problems

Then last, but most certainly not least, in this final storyline teaser, we find out that Quinn is going to be encountering some new circumstances.

Unfortunately, they didn't reveal what these supposed circumstances will be. However, they did mention that Quinn is really going to be having a hard time, or struggle with them. So, it definitely sounds like we'll be seeing quite a bit of drama associated with his particular storyline to kick off the new season. I guess the big question, here, is will Quinn be able to overcome the hardships he's currently facing?

And what exactly in the hell is he facing? We eager minds definitely want to know.

New clip with tons of action

Alright, that's going to do it for our big premiere spoilers. However, don't go just yet, because we've posted a spoiler trailer clip for the opening episode (below), and let me tell you it looks damn wild and intense. Carrie ,Saul, and more are spotted back in action. A whole bunch of extreme protest action and arrest scenes are shown, along with a lot of violence. It should definitely deliver up a good hour of action-filled entertainment. Be sure to check it out, below.

Episode 1 is set to air on Sunday night, January 15th, 2017 at 9pm eastern standard time on none other than Showtime, baby. Stay tuned.