Hey, "General Hospital" fans. It's the weekend. I hope you guys had a great week. Now, it's time to learn how your favorite show will be kicking off ,next week, with the new Monday, January 16th,2017 episode spoilers. We've got about three intriguing, written storyline reveals, along with a preview/spoiler clip for the episode. Things sound pretty dangerous as a very wicked murder hit gets set into motion by Rudge at some point! Some major second thoughts begin to plague poor Nelle's mind, and more.

Julian's got to get to deadly work

I'll go ahead start things off with this crazy situation that's going on with Rudge.

Our Soaps.com sources are telling us that this fool is going to put out an evil murder hit on somebody! We were able to get some extra details about this from the people over at Soaphub. It turns out that he's actually going to be trying to get Julian to carry out the hit plot. Unfortunately, they didn't have the details on who the the target of the hit is supposed to. That's definitely a very important question that we'll want to be finding out as soon as possible. Then the other questions will be: is he going to actually get a successful outcome from this? Or will his hit plans get intercepted and put to rest? Hopefully, we'll find out very soon.

A strand of doubt enters

Next, it's revealed that we're going to see Nelle begin to get plagued with the dreaded second thoughts syndrome.

There was no elaboration that we could find on what these second thoughts will actually be about. Right now, we just know that she'll be experiencing them, so that will be the obvious question that we'll want to see get answered for this situation. We also want to know will she actually start to act on the second thoughts? Or will she be able to put them out of her mind and keep trucking forward?

That'll definitely be a very interesting storyline to follow.

Set to reveal all

Then in the last plotline reveal for this installment, it turns out that we're going to see, at least, a few confessions of sins get uttered from Sonny's mouth at some point. Unfortunately, we couldn't track down any extra details to elaborate on what these particular sins ,are, that Sonny will be confessing to, so we'll definitely want to see what they are, along with who in the hell he'll be confessing to.

Hopefully , we'll find all that out in Monday's offering.

Andre needs to prove it

Ok, so that wraps up the written scoop reveals. Now, we've got the promo clip. I've included it, below, for your viewing pleasure. In it, we see Rudge, looking really ticked off, telling Julian to carry out that hit we talked about in the written spoilers. Apparently, the target will be a man. Nelle is spotted, getting asked if she'd like to join some dude in the plans that he has going on for the night. Lulu is seen in action. Sonny is spotted, talking some serious, business-related stuff. Jordan is seen, telling Andre to prove his claim. Be sure to check it out,below, and stay tuned.