"Days Of Our Lives" comings and goings reveal that some characters are headed back to Salem this week, and some new ones will follow soon thereafter. As many fans of the long running NBC soap opera know, characters are often being shuffled in and out of the mix when it comes to Salem. However, some characters are harder to see go than others. This week no one is saying goodbye, but a couple of characters will be seen yet again.

Nancy's back to keep Holly away from Nicole

Actress Patrika Darbo will return as Nancy Wesley. Nancy, who is the mother of Chloe Lane, has been getting plenty of airtime lately.

Other than Philip, Nancy is the only other person who knows that the baby Chloe recently gave birth to is actually Nicole and Daniel's child. Chloe gave birth with the help of Nicole and Brady, but suffered a stroke soon after. Chloe has been unconscious in a hospital bed ever since. Now, Nancy will try to keep the baby, a little girl who has been named Holly, away from Nicole, her unknowing biological mother. While "Days of Our Lives" fans have been watching Nicole swoon over baby Holly, Deimos and Brady are on to Nancy and Chloe's scheme, and are trying to find a way to prove that they're right. Hopefully, fans will soon see Nicole reunite with her daughter.

Eduardo seeks out the help of Myron

Meanwhile, "Days of Our Lives" viewers will soon see actor Craig Welzbacher begin a recurring role as a character named Myron. Welzbacher will first appear on "DOOL" this Thursday and will share scenes with actor A. Martininez, who plays Eduardo Hernandez. Eduardo will reportedly seek out Myron's help to decode a microchip.

A mysterious new character is coming to Salem

All the while, news has broken that actor Robb Derringer, who was last seen as the character of Sloane on the ABC soap opera "General Hospital" is coming to "Days of Our Lives" in an undisclosed role. It's not clear who Derringer will be playing or how the character will impact the lives of the people of Salem just yet, but he'll begin to air in April.