Happy Tuesday "Days of Our Lives" fans. Here we go again. I was able to get a hold of about five, interesting storyline scoops that are set to get enacted in the upcoming Wednesday, January 4th, 2017 episode. According to my trusty TV Guide informants, we've got some very intriguing stuff going down as a Stefano sighting gets reported at some point. Nancy really makes Nicole a very unhappy person by trying to keep her from the baby. Meanwhile, plans are in the works to gather proof that Nicole is really the mother of Chloe's baby, and more!

Could this be real?

Oh, where to begin? Lets go ahead and start with this weird Stefano stuff. Apparently, there's going to to be some very interesting news that gets thrown Rafe's way when he finds out that a Stefano sighting has indeed happened. Could this be real? Or is someone playing tricks? It'll certainly be interesting to see how all this plays out.

Rafe heads to Europe

Next, we learn that Rafe is going to end up , taking a trip to Europe in an effort to try and locate Stefano, and we'll see Shane, looking to tag along as it's described that he'll ask if he can come with him. So, it sounds like we could see a big Euro-trip for these two. Lets hope the news is true, or else they could be wasting a long plane trip..

Say what? No she didn't

Elsewhere, we've got Nicole feeling very unhappy and probably pretty pissed off by Nancy's latest actions, because it's described that she's going to keep her from seeing the precious baby. How dare she? In another storyline, we've got Joey, still feeling extremely distraught over he and Jade's loss. This will prompt Steve and Kayla to attempt to console him as best they can.

Will they be able to make a dent in his sorrow. Well, we can only hope so can't we?

The big search is going down

Finally, to wrap up today's session, it turns out that Brady is going to really be determined to prove that Nicole is indeed the true mother of Chloe's child. So much, in fact, that he is going to go all out in search of something that will give him the intel he needs to make this lofty goal a reality. Will he succeed and turn Nicole's frown upside down? It's definitely going to be interesting to see if he can, and how it will all play out. Stay tuned.