Kody and Meri Brown, the polygamous reality television parents of "Sister Wives" got a shock on the show's most recent episode. Amid rumors of the couple's divorce, daughter Mariah Brown came out as gay. An LGBT LDS kid is a thing to reckon with in the homophobic Mormon church. Kody Brown, the bigamous dad of 18 seemed okay with a lesbian daughter, but the girl's biological mom Meri does not seem okay with it. The juxtaposition of polygamy, divorce, and homosexuality will provide viewers with interesting discussion in this season.

'Sister Wives' divided on lesbian daughter

The reality TV Brown family practices polygamy. Their family unit consists of one husband and four wives. Between them, they have 18 children including Mariah. The kids are mothered by all four women, and the other three moms--Janelle, Robyn and Christine--were all very accepting of the girl's LGBT revelation. But Meri Brown was baffled by her husband's tolerance. She didn't say she disapproves but also didn't sound too supportive. Kody Brown explained that the other co-parents aren't happy the girl is a lesbian, only that she's found herself.

'Sister Wives' put unique spin on LGBT

The Mormon faith, of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, doesn't believe in homosexuality.

It is considered a Biblical abomination. But ironically, the women of "Sister Wives" say they approve of same-sex marriage. They believe that people should marry whomever they love. As practitioners of a very non-traditional (and in most states, illegal) family structure, they believe people should be free to manage families as they see fit.

Whether this contradiction is LDS church-wide or just personal opinion isn't clear.

'Sister Wives' and gay marriage: odd bedfellows

LDS ally themselves with fundamental Christianity on homosexuality, but the larger Christian church doesn't always ally with them. The Christian anti-gay marriage mantra says that marriage equals one man and one woman.

Mormons agree with the opposite sex part but not the numbers. Also, LDS, like Catholics, frown on divorce that many Protestant sects accept (the Browns may break that covenant as Meri's and Kody's divorce rumors mount). The Catholic church sees most re-marriages (without annulment) as a form of polygamy. These confusing alliances show how the 2016 Election became so polarizing. Donald Trump supporters from very different ideologies found themselves allied against abortion and gay marriage. But then they were faulted as hypocrites when they themselves had been married multiple times.