After Donald Trump pulled off the upset and won big on election night, Republicans also found out that they would hold on to their majority in the House and Senate. With total control, Republicans and Trump have an opportunity to strip away the policies of the Obama administration, much to the chagrin of liberal filmmaker Michael Moore.

Moore on Congress

With just days remaining until Election Day, the consensus was that not only would Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton become the first female President of the United States, but that Democrats would also have a chance to regain control of the Senate, while making significant gains in the House of Representatives.

However, those dreams came crashing down as Donald Trump and many of his fellow Republicans came out on top, and with complete control of Washington. As the 115th Congress officially convened on Tuesday, Michael Moore took to his Twitter account on January 3 to voice his opposition.

"The sh*tshow begins! The new Congress is convening at 11am ET. 1st up: killing the Ethics Office," Michael Moore tweeted on Tuesday morning, before urging those to "Call your member of Congress: 212-225-3121" Hours later, Moore returned to Twitter, this time posting a link to his Facebook page where the award-winning filmmaker went into detail about the potential danger that could be coming under the Republican-controlled Congress.

Moore sounds off

"That's when the attempted demolition of what we hold dear in our democracy begins," Michael Moore wrote on his Facebook page. "It will happen so fast, your head may spin. They can't get actual laws enacted until they have a President who can sign them," he continued, while highlighting House Republicans' first course of action which was to "eliminate Congressional governmental watchdogs and redirect Congressional spending."

Victory conclusion

"We're in a different behavioral era now, where corruption and ethics can be damned," Michael Moore explained.

"We're in the Pu**y Grabbing Era, and so it makes sense that the first thing the Republicans would destroy would be the very body that is meant to guard us from," he continued, before referring to Donald Trump as the "Grabber-in-Chief." Moore continued his attack on the former host of "The Apprentice," and the Republicans in Congress, while pleading with Americans to stay vigilant.

Not long after Michael Moore made his plea, Republicans reversed course and decided to no longer stand by their plan to weaken the ethics watchdog. "Media pundits will credit Trump 4 Repubs backing down but he only questioned their timing & ONLY after the public flooded their switchboard," Moore pointed out, making sure to clarify exactly why the GOP backed down.