Happy Monday "Days Of Our Lives" peeps. We're back at you for a brand new week of spoilers, and we're starting off with the new January 17th,2017 scoops. We've got about four storyline reveals to share with you, today, form our wonderful TV Guide sources, and they sound really drama-filled and intense as we'll be seeing Kayla just picking up her things and heading to Prague after getting a startling phone call! There's a big plot that's in effect to ambush Stefano at some point, and more!

Anna's getting hunted

I'll start things off with this crazy Anna situation.

Apparently, Austin and Carrie are going to be extremely eager to find her, so they are going to launch a little search party of their own. It's also revealed that, apparently, Anna has made an escape, and is just out there being all crazy and what not. Will they be able to track her down before something awful happens? Or will this story have a very sad ending? These are but a few burning questions that we have for this one.

Eric Brady is back

Next, we learn that someone Hope knows, will end up, taking care of her at some point as they describe that she is going to find herself in the care of a familiar face. There's not really much else to say about that situation other than it'll be a little intriguing to find out who this familiar person will be.

Oh, scratch that, because we've just learned from our Soapcentral sources that Eric Brady is going to be this familiar person that gives Hope some assistance, so that should serve up some interesting scenes.

Will they catch him?

From there, we've got a storyline that revisits the whole Stefano situation. Apparently, Paul, Steve and Rafe are going to be very busy, plotting out a big plan that will entail them, trying to ambush or capture Stefano!

Will their big, elaborate scheme work? Or will Stefano find a way to slip through their fingers? Hopefully, we'll see those questions get answered in this episode. However, I think that we'll have to see a couple more episodes for this plotline to fully play out. We'll see.

She's going to Prague

Alright, so now we've arrived at the last storyline reveal of the day.

It turns out that someone is going to give Kayla a call in regards to Steve. Whatever they have to tell her, is going to be incredibly shocking and require her immediate attention as it's revealed that she will immediately head to Prague over it. What will this big news be about? Is Steve in some major trouble? If so, will Kayla be able to help? Oh, so many questions. Hopefully they'll get answered sooner rather than later. Stay tuned.