Bo Bice is back in the headlines but it's not because he's been making music. Well, he could have been making music but he's getting a lot of attention lately for a run in with a fast food worker at the Popeye's in the Atlanta airport who he believes is a racist. The encounter was so upsetting to Bice that he was in tears as he retold the story of getting called a "white boy" while trying to enjoy his fried chicken meal. Now there is a raging debate about whether or not the experience was really that serious.

'American Idol' alum just wanted some chicken

You might remember Bo Bice. He was the guy who finished in second place on "American Idol" behind superstar Carrie Underwood. On December 30, Bo says he was at the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport trying to get his grub on. While waiting for his order, Bice says that the African-American fast food workers at Popeye's were having a field day with his name. The singing competition star said they were mocking him, calling him "Bow Bow" and "Boo Boo" and a handful of other silly names rather than calling him by his name to let him know his order was ready.

Bo explained that the cashier must have rung up his order twice because he had already sat down to eat his feast when the workers started calling his name again.

That's when the name calling started. Then he said one of the workers realized that Bo had already been served his meal and told another employee, "He’s already got his — that white boy there."

Bice took to Facebook to air his grievance about the event, claiming that if he were in their place and referred to them by their race instead of their name or whatever more respectful term he thought they should have used.

Was Bo Bice the victim of racism or rudeness?

“If the tables had been turned and I, as a white male, treated any person of ethnicity any way resembling how she spoke to and treated me, I’d be considered insensitive and racist,” Bice ranted on Facebook. He went on to complain that not only did the Popeye's employees make fun of his name and refer to him as "white boy" but they also didn't even apologize.

The whole encounter has earned Bo Bice more media attention than he's had in several years since placing second on Season 4 of "American Idol." During an interview with Fox, the soulful singer made it clear that he's not a hateful person or a racist. He said that he loves everybody. He said that he did put in a call to Popeye's corporate to let them know that he didn't appreciate being called "white boy" nor did he like being called outside of his name. The singer said he only resorted to blasting the fast food chain on social media because they ignored his complaint. That could be due to the fact that the Popeye's restaurant that he was visiting was privately owned and not a corporate location.

After the story went viral, Mack II Inc., the company who owns the airport Popeye's, did issue an apology to Bice, sort of. They responded to the Fox-5 request for comment and let them know that they are very sorry for the hurt that Bo Bice endured after being called a "white boy" and having his name mocked. They also made it clear that they have taken action to correct the problem and the employees who made fun of him have been dealt with. Hopefully that is enough to help make the former "American Idol" contestant feel better.