Although the iconic rock band U2 finished their 14th studio album at the end of 2016, its release is being delayed. According to Bono and The Edge, material on "Songs of Experience" was written in early 2016, with some parts conceived before then. Even though the group realizes the release of this new project is highly-anticipated, The Edge explains that too much has changed dramatically. More specifically, their 2016 perspective placed into the writing and recording may have to be altered thanks to Donald Trump's electoral college win and upcoming presidency.

The Edge states that U2 needs to take a moment to think about their album, and of how to communicate with the world through their art. To The Edge, it feels like this is a period where there is a lot of unrest.

A rock band with a social conscience

The band's frontman and activist Bono made his feelings known long before Donald Trump won the U.S. presidential election. Bono accused the president-Elect of trying to hijack the idea of America during an interview with television talk show host and journalist Charlie Rose last September. Bono mocked Trump's "Apprentice" catch-phrase, "You're fired," at an October benefit concert. Also in September, U2 used the iHeartRadio festival as an anti-Trump platform.

The band performed in front of a giant screen that projected visual displays of Donald Trump. The band's anti-Trump efforts largely came when much of the country and the world felt a Trump win was impossible, especially due to controversies of his own making.

The Trump effect

U2 is not only delaying their album's release, but they are also seriously contemplating making changes to it.

Like others in the entertainment industry, The Edge feels Trump's electoral college victory was a huge pendulum swing toward a scary direction. No word yet on when U2 might release "Songs of Experience." U2 is not alone in their concern, as the Trump administration has had a difficult time trying to find musicians to perform at the 2017 inauguration ceremony.