Hey, "Bachelor 2017" fans. It's time to find out what's going down in the new episode 4. We've got some crazy, new spoilers from our trusty source, Reality Steve. Apparently, Corinne and Taylor get into a heated fight during the after party. Vanessa starts talking a whole bunch of crap about Danielle! And, of course, two more girls get sent packing.

The Danielle 1 on 1

In the new, 4th episode, the drama is going to head to Milwaukee,Wisconsin. These dates actually took place way back in October 2016. The episode is going to start out, showing us some 1 on 1 date action with Danielle Lombard.

During the date, they ran into one of Nick's previous girlfriends ,named Amber Allan. Apparently, this was no accident as Steve reveals that Nick and the producers had previously contacted her to tell her where to be, so they could bump into her. Steve didn't give a reason why they set this up, but it sure sounds hella strange.

They ended up going to the Streaming Cup Coffee shop, and they both talked with Amber. Nothing crazy happened for that scene. They also went to a Chris Lane concert that included fireworks. Some of Nick's friends showed up at one point. It sounds like Nick and Danielle had a great time as it's reported that they danced and kissed on stage. There's also very interesting note to add in here.

Apparently, Danielle sported a very lose, low cut top, so her nipples kept popping out like non stop, so editing for those scenes are going to be a nightmare if they decided to try and show them. Oh, and she did get an early rose, locking her in for, at least, another week.

Group date drama

Next, we learn that they're going to show us a group date outing, which will feature: Jaimi, Josephine, Astrid, Danielle M., Vanessa, Rachel, Corinne, Alexis, Sarah, Jasmine, Taylor, Whitney, and Kristina.

They ended up, going to a dairy farm to milk cows and roll cheese down a hill, and so on, and so forth. After all that madness, they hit up the after party.

At one point, Vanessa decided to start up a bunch of drama by claiming Danielle Lombard was fake. What's really strange about that, is these two are supposed to be friends!

I guess they aren't anymore. Vanessa went on to give Nick a warning about Danielle, but that didn't help her get that early group date rose, because Kristina ended up,scooping that bad boy up, sealing in her spot for another week.

Raven Gates gets a date

This next teaser, reveals the 1 on 1 date adventure that featured Raven Gates. They went to Nick's sister's soccer game. After that, they headed over to Skateland. A couple of Nick's family members were there. He and Raven ended up, skating for a bit, and they apparently had a real good time, because Raven left with that early rose to make sure she got to stay around for another week.

A major disagreement

During the crazy cocktail party, Corinne and Taylor, ended up getting into a huge verbal fight!

Apparently, Taylor called her "emotionally unintelligent," and that ignited the fight. So, get ready to see all that madness. Finally, at the rose ceremony, Nick is going to tell poor Astrid Loch and Sarah Vendal that they're the next, two rejects by not giving them a rose, so they'll be out the door. Stay tuned.