Hey, "Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD" fans. Welcome back from the big midseason break. We've got one big major spoiler reveal for the upcoming episode 10 of season 4 to share with you guys, direct from ABC's latest press release for the episode. Yes, unfortunately, they did only give us one plotline reveal, but it sounds like a very intriguing one, because a really huge, major shocker about Mace gets exposed to Coulson and Mack at some point, and more!

Away from home

They also gave us a title for this one. The producers decided to call it: "The Patriot." It's a pretty short and simple title, and that's all I'll say about that.

Now, onto the big plotline summary. Here's the main thing that will be taking place. At some point, we're going to see Mack and Coulson get separated from the rest of the team, which already sounds like big trouble.

Heavy danger befalls them

Next, we learn that during this time of separation from the rest of the crew, these two are going to , somehow, find out about a very significant secret, concerning that current director of SHIELD, Mace. You know? I always knew there was something suspicious about him way deep down in my subconscious, and now, it sounds like it might finally come to light as they describe the knowledge of this secret, is going to put Coulson and Mack in a very bad position.

Uh Oh! What could this crazy secret be? How much will it impact the crew? These are going to be some burning questions that they'll hopefully hurry up and answer in this episode. However, I have a sneaky suspicion that we'll have to see it play out over a couple of extra shows. Additionally, we've got some production folks to thank for making this episode a success.

James and Sharla Oliver handled writing the script, and Kevin Tancharoen took over the directing duties.

It's going down next Tuesday

Ok, guys. That wraps up the big teaser session for this one, but definitely be on the lookout for the new promo/spoiler clip that ABC will surely be dropping after airing tonight's episode 9. Also, the press release gave us confirmation that episode 10 will be airing next Tuesday night, January 17th, 2017 at 9pm central time, so be sure to jot that down on your TV schedules, and stay tuned.