Most fans should know that Akira Toriyama has created other stories besides "Dragon Ball," such as "Doctor Slump," which appeared in a fill chapter. However, this time we will talk about another work of the master Akira, which is called "Neko Majin." This series has different types of characters that we will not go into, although there is one that draws attention, whose name is Onio. This character is a Saiyajin, and considered a parody of the creation of the same Akira Toriyama.

The name Onio

The name Onio is derived from the word "onion." Like all the other Saiyajin, its name comes from a vegetable, and the character has the characteristic of being angry easily, therefore, he manages to become a Super Saiyajin every time this happens.

On the other hand, this character made his first appearance in Neko Majin 1, where he traveled to the land with his wife named Honey, since these same ones wanted to spend their honeymoon in our planet. However, Neko Majin encounters them, thinking that they were tourists, asking them for photos, and from this situation, a fight started -- provoking the anger of Onio -- who quickly becomes Super Saiyajin, although not powerful enough, since he was defeated quickly by Neko Majin.

The main character

Onio appeared on two more occasions, in the second and third versions of this great manga, however, on the other occasions he did not fight, but was brought as an escort to carry out revenge on the son of Freezer, named Kuriza, who held a battle with Neko Majin, which ended sooner than expected.

Finally, the last appearance of Onio was in a soccer match that involved several characters.

It should be noted that this character has not appeared in any version of "Dragon Ball," although it is canon, given that it was created by the same Akira Toriyama, and that is likely why this character could appear in the series in the not-too-distant future, as did Jaco, the galactic patrolman, or Arale of "Doctor Slump." In the meantime, we await the arrival of the new saga.