Fox News political commentator Megyn Kelly is leaving the network for an offer said to be worth over $20 million per year. NBC news confirmed a short while ago that Kelly will be joining its news network. Kelly started her career 12 years ago with Fox news and rose to fame as a fearless political commentator.

Kelly accepted the huge offer from Andrew Lack, who is the chairman of NBC syndication. According to the New York Times, the TV reporter will have the advantage of working in three different capacities. Her new role will include participating as a commentator on the news, along with several discussion programs, in addition to hosting her own daytime show.

Megyn Kelly's deal will set new standard for journalism

The new deal is one of the largest in the network's history, it is reported to be larger than the $15 million package that CBS offered in 2006 to one of its most watched news anchors; Katie Couric. Most definitely, this offer will changed the journalism landscape, and make it more competitive with the hiring process for several other news outlets.

Fox, meanwhile, built its viewer rating on the popularity of Megyn Kelly, who is the second most watched employee, second only to Bill O'Reilly who is the most watched television personality of the Murdoch-controlled entity.

During the recently concluded general election, Kelly displayed her rigid characteristics when she took on President-elect Donald J.

Trump while he was on the campaign trail. The TV personality endured the harsh weather, dealing with Mr. Trump, who did not shy away from attacking her personal life.

Will Fox News make a huge counter-offer for Megan Kelly?

Fox news has a lot of mending to do, the impending move will leave the company in an upheaval. Currently, its director is still grappling with the vacant seat left when the founding chairman resigned from his current position at the network.

Roger Ailes' post became vacant because he was given the boot after numerous females laid charges against him for sexual harassment.

Sources close to the deal stated that the political commentator received an offer from Fox News of $20 million to re-sign a new contract once her current contract expires in the Summer 2017. The amount offered by NBC hasn't been disclosed yet, but sources stated that the amount will make her one of the highest-paid journalists on national television.