Jeremy Calvert has always been vocal with his thoughts about MTV's "Teen Mom 2," and season 7B is no different. After seeing a recent clip from the show, the ex-husband of Leah Messer and the father of her 3-year-old daughter, took to his Instagram account where he shared a video about his latest disappointment.

In his post to his many fans and followers, Calvert put MTV on blast for editing the show incorrectly. According to the longtime reality star and pipe layer, MTV does not edit and portrays the show as it happened in real-time. So, in turn, he will be releasing his own statement during tonight's new episode.

"Stay tuned,” he teased.

In the caption of his video, Calvert told fans that he would be giving a play-by-play of the show as it happens, and explaining what really went down between himself and his co-stars, including Messer. "As a repercussion for deceitful editing, I will address each scene with what really happened," he concluded.

Jeremy Calvert and Leah Messer were married for three years

Calvert is featured on "Teen Mom 2" due to his short-lived marriage to Messer. However, while some reality stars enjoy their experience on reality television, he often speak out against it and once accused the show of ruining things for him. He's also spoken out against his now-ex-wife and at the end of their relationship, he took to Twitter to call her out for cheating on him with her ex-boyfriend (Messer denied the allegation).

Jeremy Calvert is currently engaged to Brooke Wehr

Following his messy split from Messer, which was finalized while the "Teen Mom 2" mom was seeking treatment for anxiety and depression in rehab, Calvert began dating single mom Brooke Wehr and at the end of last year, Calvert proposed to Wehr during a vacation to Ocean City, Maryland.

Since then, the couple has stayed mum on their future plans to wed.

To see more of Jeremy Calvert, tune in to "Teen Mom 2" season 7B on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on MTV, and keep an eye on his Instagram account during tonight's new episode.