Hey, "Jane The Virgin" fans. Welcome back from that long break we just had. It's time to let you guys know what the new episode 9 of season 3 has cooked up for you. The folks over at The CW were kind enough to deliver a very revealing spoiler synopsis via their latest press release. We've got a couple of storylines that include both Jane and Michael feeling some major pressure heat to complete their latest endeavors. Meanwhile, Rogelio gets heavily pissed off by Petra, and more!

How will they deal?

And, of course, the title is "Chapter Fifty-Three," so it's pretty plain and simple as usual.

We'll just go ahead and jump right into Jane and Michael's storyline for this one. It turns out that Michael will most definitely be catching some wicked pressure to perform well on his upcoming test. Will he let the pressure overwhelm him? Or will he rise to the occasion? Then Jane will join him by feeling pressure to complete the perfect novel, so it sounds like it'll be quite interesting to see how their situation will play out.

Mateo's moving slow

Next, we've got Jane, again. This time, she's going to be busy worrying with Rafael over whether or not Mateo will ever be able to hang with the other kids his age as they seem to be developing at a much more advanced rate than he is. It'll certainly be interesting to see what his problem is.

He's not happy with it

In this section, we've got a little bit of drama going on with Rogelio and his telenovela project. It turns out that he's going to invite everyone out to see the last day of filming for it, but will end up, being quite displeased with how it ends. They didn't go into detail about how it ends, which definitely leaves me quite curious.

I think that'll be a very big question for this situation.

It's all in question now

Now, we're at the part where we explain all this drama that's going down with Darci and Rogelio. It turns out that many doubts will enter into Darci's mind about him and their potential relationship after she witnesses he and Xo's interaction together.

It sounds like these two will get along way better than Darci would like.

The anger boils

Last, but most certainly not least, we have more tension that goes down with Rafael and Petra. We learn that he is really going to be highly pissed off and upset at her latest actions when he finds out about them. However, she's going to try to claim that she was just trying to protect him again. Will he buy her excuse this time? Or will he call BS on it? These are two, very interesting questions that I hope they'll answer in this one. Episode 9 is set to air next Monday night, January 30th,2017 at 8pm central time on The CW. Stay tuned.